Almost every game boasts countless features in order to lure poor suckers into their grasp. Though many features are abandoned or were never planned to be implemented, I would still like to address some of the features that Dark and Light claims to have.

Discover the first "unique" MMORPG world!

  • No zones, no loading time, all players within the same world.

This is pretty easy to do when the game only caters to 50 people.

  • A medieval world of 15,000-square-mile of land (not including seas)

They don't mention that you have to walk all 15,000 miles just to find another player or turn in a quest but hey lets not go into minor details.

Master Dark and Light!

  • The general progress of a player's CXP (craft XP) and FXP (fight XP) axes is totally intertwined with the progress of their commitment to the social axis.

I have no idea what any of that means but since you can't really be social in a game that no one plays, it seems pretty useless.

  • Discover a real social game, where guild and community life involvement is rewarded with SXP (Social XP), and gives access to forts and holdings.

"Be rewarded for having internet sex with another guy pretending to be a sexy elf!"

  • A greater system of title management, governed by the player's CXP, FXP and SXP levels, which allows you to become a lord, baron, count, duke and even the king, by bargaining, negotiating...and being smart!

Smart people don't play Dark and Light!

Become a smart and brave strategist!

  • To perform your fort or holding management!

How is this a feature? I don't understand!

  • The combat system allows you to assault a fortress

What about signing treaties and stuff I mean wouldn't that be the smart thing to do?

  • Try new robes, chain mails and clothing

"Hey I would assault this fortress but I just don't have anything that goes with my chain mails!"

I really wish I had a video this time around but Dark and Light's brutal coding made it impossible to record a half decent clip. I almost feel sorry for the people who were unfortunate enough to work on this game. However, I certainly don't feel sorry for the dolts that dished out two hundred dollars up front for what ended up as the biggest MMO failure in history.


I would like to thank the brave few that could actually get this monstrosity to work on their computers: AtomicOrange, HulkaMatt, Spelling Mitsake, mmmuffins, The Gobbledygooker, Kamoc, maxdamage, CupcakeCamper, Yaos, Dark_Talon, Rexicon1, ABrassMonocle, Prosthetic_Mind, and Captain Novolin.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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