To all you people who emailed me claiming that my idea of meeting the loyal SA readers in the Orange County area was a bad idea - A POX UPON YOU! About 20 people or so showed up for the airport rendezvous with Angela and we had a pretty fun time geeking it up in the John Wayne Airport. We're thinking about making it a monthly thing; just meeting somewhere, hanging out, and scaring the "normal" patrons with our incessant talk about the absolute most dorky computer-related things possible. Everybody who showed up was really cool and friendly, with the possible exception of the guy who talked about the golfball sized lump on his head (luckily for us he was wearing a hat). That man frightened me - but in a cool and friendly way. Aeka (that's the sound the ladies make when he's putting "the moves" on them) took some pictures and will undoubtedly select the absolute most embarrassing ones to post on the forums. I'll post the link when / if it's up, since I assume the sheer raw excitement of seeing pictures of people at an airport will turn your life upside-down.

And now for something completely... er... well, slightly different. Cliff Yablonski, taking a break from his frantic mission to make fun of everybody in East Appleton on his website, has written an editorial entitled, "Why I Should Be President of the PTA and Not Betty Grable". Here's a sample of his words of wisdom:

Anyway I take my baseball bat and run out onto my porch and throw a lamp at those little retards and shout, "Get the hell off my property you little bastards!" and I start hitting the side of the garage with my bat. The idiot kids run away and you know what? The next day my bushes started dying! Coincidence? You better believe your ass it wasn't. Those kids were screwing around with my bushes and they planted some kind of secret crazy chemical into them, I know it. So I grab my bat and head over to Benning's house and start lecturing him about his little hooligan juvenile delinquints and how I was going to file a complaint in court if I ever saw his snotty kids around my property. Frank starts stammering like a damned halfwit and says something like, "My kids have been on vacation at camp in Maine for two weeks! Those weren't my kids on your property!" and I then I knew where his kids got their chickenshit gene from. So I push him aside and bust into his living room where I start beating the unholy snot out of his sofa with my bat. Then the Police came and, you guessed it, your old buddy Cliffy ends up spending another night in the slammer. This community has gone down the drain.

Good ol' Cliff, a hero to children of all ages! Anyway, read his latest editorial and be in awe of the man, the mystery, the legend: Cliff Yablonski.

What the heck do ya know, I have made four new supah-l33t Heroes of the Gaming Industry Trading Cards. Here ya go:

Card #19 - Paul Steed
Card #20 - Adrian Carmack
Card #21 - Evil Avatar
Card #22 - Richard Gariott

You go, girl!

State Og has been updated again thanks to the work of the (not so) lovely Cthulu, who has taken a break from his normal routine of kidnapping children and selling them to whale hunters looking for slaves to work in the ivory trade. Make sure you read the newest issue of State Og - fear the Og!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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