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It's been a week of monstrous sightings for our dedicated star hunters. From London to Hollywood, they bring the goods!

The Mummy

Yesterday @ 11 am

The Mummy and his kids were at Macy's doing some back to school shopping. Mummy is an awesome dad, and his kids looked seemed pretty happy. Looked really good in his fresh wraps.

The Invisible Man

Yesterday @ 11pm

Just saw Invisible Man and Martin Scorsese eating lunch at Rue Morgue. At least I think it was him. Either that or Martin Scorsese was eating lunch by himself.

Dr. Henry Jekyll

Yesterday @ 7pm

Sat near Dr. Jekyll at the Yankees game. He was cheering for the enthusiastically for the Yanks, then left during the seventh inning. He came back a few minutes later wearing a Red Sox jersey and starts booing the Yanks. What a goddamn turncoat.

Frankenstein's Monster & Diddy

Yesterday @ 9pm

Saw Frank's monster downing pints at posh nightclub Horror with Diddy. Looked like Diddy was trying to console poor Frank. Guess he's still reeling from the breakup.


Yesterday @ 11pm

Spotted the Prince of Darkness and his super sexy new gal pal creeping around Soho in the middle night. She looked about 200 years his junior. So scandalous! Look out Hugh Hefner!

Ex-Bride of Frankenstein

Yesterday @ 11pm

She was dancing up a storm at Underworld, bumping and grinding to Timbaland's Monster Mash remix. She drank a lot and flirted with all the boys in the club, so it's obvious she's shopping for a new groom.


Today @ 2am

Gill-Man! Total party beast! He wandered into our frat by mistake and ended up staying after he saw the keg. Left at like 5am carrying some drunk girl in his arms. Think he wanted to make sure she made it home safe.

The Wolf Man

Today @ 10am

Saw the Wolf Man at Denny's. He was by humself devouring a Lumberjack Slam and making a mess of himself. Looks like he put on about sixty pounds and started balding up top.

Mina Harker

Today @ 1pm

Spotted Mina with young Quincey at the zoo checking out the tigers. She seemed very jumpy and paranoid and glared at me when she saw me taking a picture on my iPhone.


Today @ 5pm

Bumped into at Vons. He was buying a rotisserie chicken and some beer. Said hi and he said he was having Quasimodo over for movie night. Really sweet and sincere, though he drooled a lot.

Phantom of the Opera

Today @ 7pm

Erik and the Headless Horseman were hanging out together doing some karaoke. The duo tried to cover Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure," only Erik seemed to be on his own. Headless just stood there looking like a chump.

The Blob

Today @ 8pm

Holy shit! Nearly got absorbed by the Blob as he slithered down Hollywood Boulevard. Blob was making horrible noises into his cell phone and not paying any attention to traffic or pedestrians. Kind of a jerk if you ask me.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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