Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The breakfast-room door opened.

"Master! I shall be killed if-"

"Yes, sir, Jane Eyre."

"Fall! "Well, well! "Jane Eyre, sir."

"No, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Quite right, sir. "Child! "O Miss Jane! "A little, ma'am."

"Well enough."

"Never," I thought; and ardently I wished to die. "Everybody, Jane? "Hush, Jane! "Good-night, Jane."

"Good-night, Helen."

Thornfield! Bessie! "A little."

"Never in my life."

"Thornfield? "Mr. Rochester!" "Eyre-Jane Eyre."

"Yes, sir."

"Mr. Rochester's."

"Yes, sir."

"Generally thought? "Yes, sir."

"Sir?" said Mrs. Fairfax.

"No, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"A little."

"Yes, sir."

Promptly spoken. "Sir?"


Like it if you dare!'

"How, sir?"

"Good-night again, sir. I never felt better."

"Mr. Rochester? "I am very well, sir."

"Break it, sir."

I had never thought of Mr. Rochester.

"Thank you, sir. "Laughing and talking, sir."

"Turn them out of the room, sir, if I could."

"Yes, sir."

"Rochester! Rochester! "Speak! "Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

Jane," he continued.


"You thought! you thought! Jane, a little water."


"Thank you, sir."

"You have passed a strange night, Jane."

"Yes, sir."

No, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Mr. John?"

"Doing well! Nonsense, Jane! Mr. Rochester meditated. "Jane!"


"Very well! very well! "The same, if you like, sir."

Are you Jane Eyre?"

"I am Jane Eyre."

"John Eyre, Madeira."

Come on, if you please."

never had I loved him so well.

"Yes, sir."

"Soon, sir?"

"From what, Jane?"


"Yes, sir."

"Where, Jane? "Edward-my little wife!"

"It is Jane Eyre, sir."

"Yes, Mrs. Rochester," said he; "young Mrs. Rochester-Fairfax Rochester's girl-bride."

"Oh, sir!-never rain jewels! "Hush, sir! "Speak! "I could never have thought it. My love has placed her little hand

Mrs. Rochester! "Yes, Jane."

"All, sir."

"Very well, sir."

"Then, sir, listen. "No, sir." Little nervous subject! "Describe it, Jane."

"Mental terrors, sir! "Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Well, Jane! "Yes, sir."

"Why, Jane? "Jane! "Jane! "The last time, Jane! What! "Yes, sir; for hours if you will."

"Well, sir?"

"One instant, Jane. come, Jane, come!"


"Mr. Rochester!"

"Oh, Jane! sustain me a little longer! I rose ere long.

Shake hands."

Poor child!-poor girl!"

"Well?" "Well!" Good-night."


Your name is Jane Eyre?"

St. John smiled. "St. John! Strange words of a strange love! "Well-well. "St. John!" "Good-night, Jane," he replied calmly.

"Thank you, Jane. "Jane! Jane! Jane!"Gladdening words! Who speaks?"

"Is it Jane? God bless you, sir! "Jane Eyre!-Jane Eyre," was all he said.

My living Jane?"

"No, sir! I felt a little embarrassed. "What for, Jane?"

Good night."

"St. John dresses well. "What questions, Mr. Rochester?"

"A little Hindostanee."

"Yes, sir."

"What, Jane! "Absolutely, sir! Jane. "Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Truly, Jane?"

"Jane! Jane! Jane!'"

"I did, Jane. Jane!

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