We keep our formula simple. Wigs plus attitude. It equals satisfied customers. Our discount wigs will dazzle or destroy as you see fit.

Sweating Ringlets

Lead the misfit's way of life with this curly pile of amnesiac elegance. Made from a rusted cyborg's circuits found on the wastes of the Elysian Fields. Projects holographic skulls for war computers, may corrode technologic polluters.

Available in coal, honey, auburn, vermillion, crimson, and cerise.

NOW JUST $29.99!

Wig 18

Possibly you've seen too much, but you've never seen a wig quite like this. Nightmare hair from hidden dimensions, warrior kings from other dimensions.

When we say alien Intellects brains in jars guide retro heroes to scan the stars, you know that we mean it. Why?

The Dave Mustaine Guarantee: each wig sold fuckin' rules.

Marked Down to $59.99

The Scorpion

Ha ha ha you thought you could have this wig? This wig is so far away from you now. Because it's dead. This is a dead wig.

Ha ha ha we're all gonna die some day, even a wig. Even this wig. Here's a wig. A dead wig. Put it on your dead goo baby.

Look at that little goo baby's hair!

Not available unless you're dead (ghost or skeleton only)


You want more wigs? You just keep on browsing and stay an inch or two out of kicking distance. Mustaine has got to know your limitations.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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