A trilogy of new Harry Potter films based around J.K. Rowling's post-Potter Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will kick off in theaters in 2016. Sure to delight new fans and returning Potterlings, as they are known, this trilogy will bring back some favorite characters and widen the cast to include many new and interesting friends and foes.

Confirmed Returning Characters

Harry Potter
Hermione Granger (Harry's wife)
Ron Wesley (ghost)
Severnus Snape (ghost)
Lord Dumbledore
Gimbly Goblin
Haggar Horrible
Plutarch Heavensbee
Miles Prower
Lady Stoneheart
Lord Chewbacca

New Characters

Newt Scamander
Tiberius Moncrief
Sarbanes Oxley
Yip Bodydrama
Paul Voldemort
Berkeley Breathed
Beastly Stinkringel
Ghastly Stinkringel
Riddick the Last Furyan
Professor Foolaho
Dorkus Malorkus
Bing Drippingdink
Jordanus Blackwell (first black wizard)
Chuffly Buttergutters
Wigglen Scoop
Diamond Dallas Payne
Sylvania Switcheroo (first trans wizard)
Sanctrinity Cockraw
Gleepus Cockraw
Slawberg Yawmama
Ben Zinga
Malady N. Frenzone
Braughanna Labesgravy
Turtle T. Turtleman
Sambry Breadrise
Baron Villamous Realbad (possible enemy?)
Mangor Jellyjack
Peeble Woofsmallow
Tag Romney
Milf Brazzers
Deckard Cyberowl (first cyber wizard)
Jaina Potter

Will we finally get to see the Ogbuggulus? Will Harry Potter ride the zip line that goes up to harpy mountain? It's too soon to say. But there is a lot to look forward to for all you Potterlings!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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