The wordy headline on Huffington Post reads: "Rayville Elementary, Failing Louisiana School, Will Not Transfer White Students Out Because Of 1960s Court Ruling (LETTER)."

According to Huffington Post, a failing elementary school in Louisiana has sent letters out to parents informing them that their children can be transferred to non-failing schools, so long as they are not white. It's a racially-charged story in which the school system's letter warns parents of white children they cannot transfer. The reason the letter gives for this race-based exclusion is a 1968 federal ruling meant to prevent discrimination.

Huffington Post cites the angry person who originally received the letter and posted it to a forum:

The quote on Huffington Post helpfully links to the post on made by "justhere." It turns out is a adult and teen diaper fetish site and "justhere" is a self-described "male / Sissy / Little Girl Diaperfur." In addition to justhere's post on the controversial Rayville letter, justhere also posts, for example, about his dream outfit., Huffington Post's primary source for this article, is a site for adults and teens to get together and discuss diapers and other subjects. It describes itself in the following terms:

There would normally be little reason to care about justhere or any of the folks on ADISC. They have a goofy fetish, it's pretty creepy, but what they aren't doing is providing information that should be sourced by a news outlet. Adult babies are not reliable. Give a chore to an adult baby and find out. Teen babies are even worse. Diaper furs? Their testimony won't stand up in court.

The Rayville Huffington article is intended to stir controversy that also cites "One Redditer" (sic) and ends with a Huffpo slide show widget of "Other controversial school-related documents from across the country."

The comatose body of journalism might currently be filling its diaper, but this isn't the first time Huffington Post has done something dubious. There was the time they gave two separate columns to a fake Rothschild heir who tricked them with Wikipedia articles and a twitter. Or that they give columns to real celebrities with the stupidest, worst opinions about everything.

The Huffington Post is one of the largest online news sources with 1.2 billion page views monthly. Huffington Post won a Pulitzer Prize. Have a nice day.

UPDATE: The mutant offspring of Fox News, Fox Nation, has published an article copying the Huffpo article, down to the quote and source of Draw your own conclusions from this development.

UPDATE 2: Huffington Post has been shamed into removing all links and references to They have subsequently added the following message to the bottom of the article:

Editor's note: A link and quotes reflecting the opinion of a member of an Internet forum have been removed from this story because other content on that forum wasn't appropriate for audiences seeking education news. This story has been updated with other reactions, including the president of the Richland Parish School Board.

So, uh, journalism triumphs, I guess. No update on Fox Nation.

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– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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