Sup peeplez

Just embarked on my 987 day mission to Jupiter WUSSUP!!!!??

Launched the f*ck up off earth

Six years of training is finally payn off for this bitch so get ready to hear all kinds of crazy shit up in NLREV-002 Mercator. Burgundy and Pixee up in this shit 2 and so is missn commander Mikhail Yuriliev and my nigga science officer Vernon K. Armstrong.

We r gonna xperimnt the f*ck out of space!!!

Will update the blog whenver I can peace out


Nuclr proplsuns engnr Kayla "Juice-E" Paulson
NLREV-002 Mercator
Artemis-2 Mission

Sup peeplez

Juice-E back in the house!! Pixee sez waddup to B-town. burgundy is off doin' EV shit all over the hydroponic reflector.

wlep it is day 25 and things seem to be goin pretty good but i must say that space is boring as hell. We have a robot arm that was fun for a while and we flew past the moon but that has been around forever so whatever.

the nuclr rods and cones and shit are all okay so i dont have much to do just look at the screen every monring and if the light is green everything is fine.

After that I pretty much just read tmz and look up shit to do in space. throwin m&ms around and catchin them is fun once but then you wake up with m&ms in your space bag when youre trying to sleep and it wont stop movin around and hittin you like a bug and you just scream and wake everybody up so yeah LOL!!! last time i do that



PS Mikhail Yuriliev is a huge nobhead he is mr. checklist durp durp durp by the book YA OKAY ill check the presurized mediator water flow again LIKE I JUST DID 2 HOURS AGO LOL maybe i can take another temperatur reading for the plasma field that makes 5000000000 today

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