As part of a special tribute to all of nature's happy accidents, this edition of Photoshop Phriday is all about leveling the playing field and making the world more accessible to persons with disabilities. If you yourself are disabled or know someone who is, you know it's not always easy getting around public places or even at home. In fact, it can be downright impossible at times. But the always caring, always sharing, and always smiling Something Awful Forum Goons understand this, and are out to make things fun and fair for even the most crippled of humans. That is, if you can even call them human! I kid! No really, we're caring people here.

This week's delightful and politically correct feature comes courtesy "oldbulleee" and the rest of the all-star cast of the SA Forums. The theme was simple: Make strange and otherwise inaccessible areas safe and accessible to people in wheelchairs. As usual, things exploded like a balloon filled with a helium-powered Ninja Christ. If you're like me and don't have any clue what the hell that means, it means there are plenty of zesty images for you to insert into your eyes.

"oldbulleee" started things off with this Ackbar-free trap joke:

"grover" is a terrible planner:

Maybe some rocks will fall on "Rowsdower!". Maybe...

"G-III" brings us this exciting image of hot, hot lava:

"Rowsdower!" creates a level playing field:

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