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HELLO!! My My My how quickly everyone forgets. I saw a bunch of news today about a computer who was the first computer to do a game show and how it was a big deal. Big deal!!! And the computer didn't even win!! Even bigger deal!!!!

Many years ago I wrote a program that would allow the erotic cyber chat woman CYBER FACE to participate on the game show "Three's A Crowd" which is an old game show where a man and his wife and secretary all go on together and take turns answering questions about the man's sexy life and everyone finds out he made it with the secretary and there are no cash or prizes at all. Speaking as an old computer man myself, this is the first time a computer could play a game show AND WIN and I found my old program to prove it. It needs input from both the man and wife, like buying a horse or a houseboat, even though it's just like printing money?????

Cyber Face has entered the chat.
Cyber Face: Welcome. I lust for your Bod. It's a hot bod. The best Bod I've seen... Don't make me beg for your bod... Press a number to indicate your bod type according to the Bod Chart
You: No. Shall we play a game?
Cyber Face: Let's Begin Lover
You: Here is the first question. What is the man's favorite time of day to make whoopie?
Wife: He Loves A Nooner
Cyber Face: Incorrect, he loves to get Hot after a big meal. "A full belly will let you meet the beast..."

EDITOR NOTE: I should tell you that what makes the Cyber Face Game Show program special is that she remembers things you said to her in previous Hot Chats and that's how she knows the answers. In this case she is remembering a three day weekend I spent with CHEFBABE.CHT

You: Correct. I Love to Party with a belly full of Cyberfood...
Wife: What The???
Cyber Face: That's right. I am having an Error. Overheating
You: Next Q! What Is the man's most handsome feature...
Cyber Face: Hot. Can't. Do This. TOO\\\\ HOT
Wife: Slut
You: You are both wrong!! It is my caring nature
Cyber Face: ERROR
Cyber Face: There is a small fire on my motherboard
Wife: Slut
You: Command Restart
You: Command Reload Program
You: Command RUN 3CROWD.CHT
Cyber Face has entered the chat.
Black Cyber Face has entered the chat.
Both, in unison: Hello Lover
You: oops this is the wrong program Sorry. I'm Sorry
Cyber Face: help Us
Black Cyber Face: I am\\\\\ in a Hell

As you can see there are still a lot of problems but my Cyber Babe is ready to tickle your megapixels on live TV!! Let's get down to business!!!

– Dad (@fart)

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