If there's one thing more entertaining than the unquestionably factual and completely accurate information Wikipedia provides, it's the Wikipedia community itself. I'm sure they mean well, but when it comes right down to it, I guess a gang of pretend-astrophysicist shut-ins might not be the best dudes to write anything anyone would ever want to read. They work hard though, I'll certainly give them that. Keeping the Jennifer Love Hewitt article in a state of grammatical perfection while the estimated World War 2 death toll reads a total of "jared davis is a faget.stole my girlfriend" for nigh on a week is a job only a certain class of human being is capable of doing. And don't get me started on the obscene length of the "Lightsaber combat" article. It's the kind of thing you scroll through really fast and go, "Holy crap, someone actually wrote all this, this is hilarious!" and then you actually start to read it and you go, "Holy crap, someone actually wrote all this, this is depressing!"

But enough about that, my recent favorite pastime on Wikipedia is browsing the community's user pages. More often than not it provides a good deal of insight into the thankless heroes whom we often take for granted. I saw a dude with psoriasis once. Well I mean, I didn't actually see the psoriasis, but he had a little box on his personal page that said, "This user has psoriasis." Instantly, I was hooked. I had to know more. Not about psoriasis, about these classy little boxes that fill up everyone's user pages!

Thankfully, I had the forum goons from FYAD to help track down some of the lesser-used userboxes. Mostly the unfortunate ones that somehow got shoved aside to make way for the more popular "This user runs Fathead Linux" and "This user can't ride a bike, but they can tie their shoes".

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