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October 16th

Wendy informed the audience that Wendy Show Socks and the Wendy Show Leather Cowl and Hood are now on sale in the clothing portion of the website. Wendy made a humorous skit out of talking to the website, which was just a computer screen with a smiling face on it. Wendy welcomed Rachel Bilson of New York, I Love You and The O.C. and they talked romance and diet. Wendy noted that frequent upper body exercises combined with a high-fat diet improved marbling. Plus, Wendy's Movie Gang pick of the week was the move Twister about exciting weather events. Wendy described this film as confusing, but worth the effort.

October 19th

A Los Angeles police official named Robert arrived to describe that the big mystery over Wendy's studio was just a zoning issue. Robert said that Wendy was completely in the law with all things she has done and will do. Robert left to attend a picnic at Meat Farm. Wendy welcomed Christian Slater onto the show to talk about his new non-competing television entertainment The Forgotten. Wendy made Christian play 19 questions and then stand on the scale. When he answered a question wrong he had to take a LOREONE health tablet. Plus, Wendy described her emotions of excitement and mild pleasure over the weekend caused by an event at Meat Farm. Pictures were displayed of celebrities at Meat Farm.

October 20th

Wendy welcomed thing Kathy Griffin to the studio. Kathy was amazed by the size of Wendy's studio and commented on the mixture of airborne chemicals. Oxygen problems within the studio caused a temporary halt to production and Kathy Griffin left to go to Meat Farm immediately. Wendy read a statement from Kathy's people describing why she had to leave and why she enjoyed the show and also would enjoy Meat Farm. The audience left for Meat Farm also. This was an event they desired. Wendy challenged herself to drink four gallons of milk for the final segment. She achieved this stunt without difficulty because of internal mechanisms.

October 21st

It's Wendysday! The competitors of current iteration of Top Chef programming arrived to prepare meals in a taste test with Wendy as the judge. Wendy judged most meals false or incorrect, but found one meal to her liking. The winner was a beard thing with dwarven features named Keffo. Wendy told him he was invited to Meat Farm along with everyone on the staff. Kevin attempted to leave from the main entrance to the studio but was persuaded to exit to the Meat Farm door. This was desired by everyone else. Plus, Wendy instructed her audience to consume six pounds of lard using Wendy Food Funnels. Wendy Show Food Funnels are now available from the Wendy Show web store.

October 22nd

Unexpected construction noises and activity preempted the taping of the Wendy Show. The Child Feeder episode was replayed.  

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