In an effort to be more macho, this Phriday is all about sports. Unlike the gay sports you see on TV, these sports are as manly as they come. But that's pretty much what you would you expect when the Something Awful Goons tackle a theme like Awful Sports. While you spent the week filling out forms, the Goons were busy coming up with all manner of horrible sports ideas celebrating violence, death, murder, and the absurd.

To get things started, here is my entry calling for the immediate manslaughter of hobos:

It doesn't end there, though. Plenty more images await your clicking:

If it involves tar, you know "TheCharlie" isn't far behind. I have no idea why you'd know that, but it seems important enough to remember:

"Thalidomide" suspends all manner of physics laws to bring you this:

"dreg" brings intentional boredom to the sporting arena:

"PanchoVilla" puts the sport back in surgery:

While the execution is simple, this "Krispy Kareem" delight warms my pockets:

If they weren't crippled enough before, they will be when they land. Don't let "fontaine" anywhere near the disabled.

Honestly, "Shoez" version of basketball is probably more entertaining:

"Atomo's" vision of amputee skydiving is still years ahead of its time:

Crazy old "Agent019" is up to his old tricks again, this time pushing retards off cliffs:

Because the stuff they show on ESPN isn't boring enough, "Lumpy" goes for the gold:

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