Uh, I'm gonna guess... Wargames? No, maybe... Tron? Rollerball! Death Race 2000? Uh... Zardoz? Clearly Xaintrailles knows scifi movie props better than me, to my great shame.

Egbert Souse made this image, but I'll steal it! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!

Hammerite definitely knows the difference between Secret of Mana and Legend of Gaia. I get them both mixed up with Star Ocean. And RPG Maker; I was an indoor kid, okay!?

is a leaf-type pokemon that always submits excellent pixel art 'shops! Weak to fire.

This next image might be by forums user RandomFerret, or it might be by RandomFerret Turbo, I don't remember the difference. I do own two copies of each for some reason.

pixaal imagines a less innocent young Duke, robbed of his sweeter platformer years by crass ideas learned too soon. Perhaps fate really is sealed. Certainly there is no forever.

It's an all-expenses paid trip to Brooks Cracktackle!

I muted this Hammerite image for you. It sucks I basically have to, the soundtrack's great.

Stefan Prodan is a prominent vampire chef whose new show I still haven't seen, sorry!

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