I find it hard to be shocked anymore by an Internet community's gross choices when it comes to fucking. This one got me, though. Herpy is a forum for people who like to talk about dinosaurs and reptiles fucking. That's not surprising, especially on paper (well, on screen, I guess). But what got me were the pictures of honest-to-god animals on the banner. I thought to myself "Oh, maybe these people are just weirdly into the care of iguanas. Maybe some dude has a pet komodo dragon." Nope. I clicked the link to the gallery and saw the word "copulating." Chameleon cock ahoy!

Anyway, let's see what those crazy cloacafuckers are discussing! OK, the forum is divided into subforums for different kinds of reptiles. I wonder if regular posters in specific subforums think they're superior to people who post in others. I imagine some guy talking about how, sure, he would totally fuck a ladyraptor, that's hot, but at least he's not trying to get it on with a crocodile. Also of note is the fact that while dinosaurs and dragons have their own subforums, snakes, lizards, and tortoises are all thrown into one. This seems like sort of an injustice, really, considering that there is a fuckton of those animals still around. I guess people just want what they can't have.

I'm not going to click around these threads too much because I'm assuming it's just a lot of people using the words "scaly" and "chilling" to describe dicks, and I don't want to read pages on pages of that. But I am going to explore the locked threads section, because I want to see what people who want to bone a dragon so badly they moderate a forum about it consider "out of hand." Unfortunately, most of it seems to be regarding people who are banned but just can't stay away from the site. That's actually pretty funny and pretty pathetic on a whole bunch of levels, but of those levels I think my favorite is the obvious "dude can't find another gang of snakefuckers to hang out with" level.

So I guess this site isn't all bad, though I still wish it had just been about keeping reptiles as pets. Those people can be weird, too! You should submit more stuff like that.

This is a work-safe sample from the "Non-Adult Art" section, which is much smaller than the Other gallery.

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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