"#Gamergate is everywhere. From the internet, to other places on the internet, you can't travel a single pixel without reading the words "#GamerGate." - Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, A Comprehensive Guide to #GamerGate (unpublished)

Earlier this week, Feminist Frequency, a cultural-criticism organization founded by (*consults Lowtax's notes*) "Anita Sorenson Squeez," posted a video titled "25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male." It's a solidly produced video that makes cogent points, and it's been discussed in depth online, including some hellish corners of Something Awful's own forums. But because this is a comedy site, the SA Goons chose to focus instead on the fact that the video-gamer industry professionals who appear in the clip make goofy faces when freeze-framed! NOTE: The fact that these lighthearted Photoshops are likely the worst treatment to which these men will be subjected for taking a stand against misogynist gamers really reinforces the video's point about "the luxuries of being a member of privileged group."

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