Who doesn't remember collecting trading cards as a kid? Aside from our readers with amnesia and/or vaginas, I think a good number of you will remember this fun boyhood tradition. Whether it was baseball, basketball, football, or some other queer sport, trading cards proved to a be a fun and engaging hobby. You could look at them, put them into stacks with other cards, and even exchange them for other cards via a primitive system known as "bartering." Many of you might even still partake of this cardboard pursuit on a regular basis. I'm not sure when it happened, but trading cards expanded beyond just sports to encompass movies, toys, comics, and other equally foolish and mind-rotting things. They even have games that come in trading card form, such as "Magic: The Gathering," which is popular amongst losers the world over. Of course who can forget "Pokemon," loved by children with attention deficit disorder and also the Japanese. This evolution of the trading card medium has allowed for some pretty stupid things to come to life, but none like that which you are about to see. You can thank the Boo Radleys of our humble SA Forums for coming up with these nightmares.

"BigRedCat" only did this series because he's too poor to afford a modern system. POVERTY ISN'T COOL, LOSER!

"fuckingtest" is a fan of games based on dead celebrities from long dead game systems.

Look at "guvnor" making fun of Microsoft!

Heartless "Krispy Kareem" has no sympathy for failure.

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