This week we once again put our complete ignorance of history and linear time to good use by ruining images from the Civil War Era. To prevent confusion, I am of course referring to the civil war that took place in America and not one of the many civil wars fought daily in other countries popularized on cable news channels. Pretty much all of the images manipulated this week come by way of Mathew Brady, a famous photographer of yesteryear. Now there is some controversy as to whether or not he actually took all these pictures himself, but that's not really important since everyone who might have been involved in the original creation of these photographs is astoundingly dead. Hopefully they won't come back to life and protest, because gosh, that sure would be awkward. Speaking of awkwardness, this would be a very empty Phriday if not for the SA Forum Goons, who as always, did all the hard work. Let's take a gander at said work, shall we?

Big shout-out goes to SA Goon "Unkempt," who contribuated many images in addition to starting this thing.

These speed-crazed maniacs didn't know the meaning of stop until it smashed them to a blood pulp! "Unkempt" made this image, and Sheriff John Bunell wrote that comment.

"Unkempt" shows one of the classical relaxation methods of the day:

"n0manarmy" enjoys a drink now and then:

"fuckingtest" spots the work of some very early graffiti artists.

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