All I can say is that this week is… different. And while I wish I could blame it on drugs, alcohol, or being abused as a child, I can't. "The World is Arnold" celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger, a thoroughly terrible but hilarious actor and icon known the world over. Because of his amazingly versatile facial expressions, which capture such emotional highs as "I don't have a tumor" and "I'm pregnant," and his less than common man looks, I simply cannot resist dedicating this edition of Photoshop Phriday to him. Before you blame me, realize it was all the fault of the SA Forum Goons. I'm just showing this to embarrass them. Actually, it's quite enjoyable for some inexplicable reason, and if you disagree then you're a communist and a baby eater and I have the pictures to prove it.

Props to "Atomo", who got the tragic events of this week started.

Even Arnold can't make Star Wars any worse. "Atomo" made this, just as he made most of the other images here.

"Nevermore" has done terrible things to my sexuality. Terrible things.

"Mideeman" continues with the Anakin-Arnold swticheroo.

Whenever you think of Natalie Portman, remember this face! And think of "Komet" when you do. That is if you're mind can think of two things at once.

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