While I normally hate comic strips with a burning passion that rivals the sensation of having a colony of fire ants establish residence in your esophagus, I do have a soft spot for the Far Side, by Gary Larson. Behind the cute drawings are sinister undertones and a morbid fascination with the specter of death and the fragility of life. There is also an absurdity that can be easily appreciated, even by unfunny comedy elitists such as myself. A whole chunk of the SA Forum Goons also seem to enjoy these comics, and took to recreating them. This wasn't the first time the Far Side has been targeted by Goons, but it's the first time we've gotten around to featuring it. Yes, all the jokes showcased this week are brazenly stolen, but that's hardly alarming when you realize this is probably the first Phriday to be almost completely devoid of our usual foul and tasteless humor. I don't think that's ever happened before, but I guess a little change doesn't hurt now and then. Obscenities be damned, because the goons still came through with their usual quality work.

"DipesXP", who heroically started this week's Phriday adventure, also heroically made this.

"killer moses" provides a respectable amount of bloody flying cows.

"DipesXP" laughs in the face of plane crashes. Although, since plane crashes don't have a face, he's probably just laughing at nothing.

My worst enemy "ScottyD" made this after a long day of collecting pop cans from the road side.

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