Every year, stores and CD players are violently invaded by crappy Christmas albums. In addition to compilations of old standbys like “Silent Night”, “Silver Bells” and “The Beautiful People,” you also get crappy Christmas albums by musicians looking to play grabass with the cheerful toilet full of money that is the holiday season. The Something Awful Goons aren’t crappy musicians (well, not all of them at least), but they sure are crappy artists! With that said, please allow us to politely shove fistfuls of Christmas down your throat.

This week is a premature but still timely nod at Christmas, that infernal holiday that vexes me like an untamed scorpion running wild through the canyons of my pants. Forum Goon "darthphunk" got things started this week, with a bunch of the local kids following suit. As a result of this startling chain reaction, stuff happened. We bring you this stuff in hopes of enriching your life, albeit enriching it with poison.

Please do be partaking of our Christmas offerings, scumbag:

"darthphunk" started it all with this dorky album:

"howthedevil" is a master of the clever. No, not really.

Play this "CrazedGranny" album backwards to reveal pro-Chanukah messages:

"BigFactory" isn't that far from reality:

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