There are already thousands of thoroughly useless programs occupying store shelves throughout the known universe, and that number is growing exponentially larger each day. You might think that this would make companies think twice about the programs they make, but not really. It certainly didn’t make the Something Awful Forum Goons think twice, but then they usually don’t bother thinking at all. This week they jumped into action, creating the most worthless and destructive software imaginable.

This was yet another hefty week for us, with well over a hundred attempts by the Goons at creating the world's worst software. From this mass of images, I chose my top two favorites, but found that made for a really short Phriday. So then I chose a whole bunch more, plus some really sucky ones, and found that worked out much better. Wow, I think I may be getting this whole Photoshop Phriday thing down!

Things got started after I posted this image, signaling to the Goon army that it was time to make with the freaking war already!

You can start your journey time with three easy payments of $19.95, or by clicking these links:

Page 2: A Man Called Norton
Page 3: Hide the Warez, Yanni is Coming!
Page 4: Tools for Creative Idiots
Page 5: Baking Bread, Books, and the Elderly
Page 6: A Thanksgiving Cornucopia! (Contains No Thanksgiving)
Page 7: Destined to Crash and Burn, Burn, Burn!
Page 8: Fresh From the Loins of Microsoft
Page 9: More MS Chicanery
Page 10: New On the OS Market

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