Right now America is in the grips of CAMPAIGN FEVER. A DREADFUL WOMAN is battling a BLACK MAN for the right to battle a MORMON or a SENILE P.O.W. or a DERANGED EVANGELICAL YOKEL for control of America. We're pretty screwed over here. But, the whole process is delightfully entertaining and frustrating, so what's not to love? All that in mind, I asked the Something Awful Forum Goons to show us some more interesting candidates. Let's face it, even with the added variety of a lady and a black gentleman, things are still pretty boring. Here is what they came up with!

Some people play with dolls, dot_matrix plays with Photoshops.

IZO is not going to let a predestination paradox hinder his campaign.

GeneralChack is all that stands between you and CERTAIN DOOM.

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