Productive society member VelvetEvoker recently posted about one of the more interesting aspects of working in the movie rental industry. It seems that many customers often botch the title of the movie they are asking for, or describe it in some strange and mysterious way if they don't know the title. After posing some of the strange requests he's gotten, the Something Awful Forum Goons started making those requests a reality. What follows are a some of silly images of movies based on botched titles from Blockbuster customers. Probably also a great deal of fabrication as well! Enjoy!

For Virion, there is no greater Book of Treasure than that of the Holy Bible.

I don't know if this Falinmor idea would be beneath Hollywood, but I would probably see it.

Fenring's years of experience working for a cannery are finally paying off.

For an old warhorse like Fenring, this is just one more saddle sore.

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