Every year around this time, people pay attention to college-basketball match-ups they would have completely ignored had they occurred a month or even a week earlier. Also, right about now, hundreds of talented musicians are performing in Austin, Texas. Entirely coincidentally, Photoshop Phriday traditionally chooses this week to showcase assorted themes in the efficient, low-maintenance, caption-free Variety Pack format. Enjoy the images!

A few months ago, the SA Forum Goons produced cheesy posters for quality films. A little while before that, they created classy art for horrible movies. People kept making good stuff even though their chance for a public showing seemed to have passed, and in what the devout might interpret as an encouraging analogy for their lives of faith, they will now reap immortal rewards for their seemingly unacknowledged service. I'll just mix the two categories together, so shitty flick/pretty picture or superior cinema/trash packaging? You make the call!


bonne chance


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