Howdy folks, it's time once again for me to insult people who tried to make this feature better but failed. For those of you with common sense, I would suggest you just go ahead and go outside. Nothing good will come up this.

Author: buruma
Why it sucks: pictures of cats with extended tails and rocking chairs poorly composted together tend to lean less towards the "funny image" category and more towards the "did your lactose intolerance cause you to vomit on your scanner and upload it to the internet again?" category. Unless I'm simply ignorant and there is some profound fable about the long tailed cat in the den of rocking chairs, this is just truly random crap. That's one of the joys of Phriday, I have to sort through a lot of images like this that cause my brain to palpitate. Like Louie Anderson after a buffet, you never know what's going to come pouring out.

Author: Ghost of Fermet
Why it sucks:
oh no, I have celebrities stuck between my teeth. Wait, what? If anything, this sucks because who wouldn't want a mouth full of Cosby?

Author: Justin Hate
Why it sucks:
can we stop pasting George Bush's head onto every picture? Oh my, he's in Ancient Rome! Maybe, just maybe, if you would have actually taken the time or had the skill to make some incredibly over the top piece of work, this could have been cool. But as is you took a boring still from "Gladiator" and poorly added in the head of the president. It's about as funny as being blasted in the face with a firehouse hooked to an elephant's ass.

Author: leinad
Why it sucks:
this image is not even remotely funny in any way, shape, or form. In fact, this looks like an over-the-shoulder news shot used to illustrate Middle East foreign policy or the oh-so dreaded threat of terrorism. On that level, it looks fine. But last time I checked, and in spite of the fact Larry King lies around our offices in an opium stupor, we are not CNN. Which of these things doesn't belong? Bush, bin Laden, or the all too topical map behind them? It's a mystery fit for Colombo, who probably would just shoot leinad and call the case closed.

Author: racer-j
Why it sucks:

Author: shadowfall
Why it sucks:
can we please get over the obsession with that retarded Peter Pan impersonator? It was funny the first time we saw his site back in 1975, but it's gotten a little stale and cliche. He doesn't fit anywhere except a retard convention, we know that, so you're preaching to the choir.

Author: Tom_ER
Why it sucks:
oh Tommy, did it ever occur to you that inserting live action Spider-Man into a stylized animated cartoon might not work? It doesn't work for a lot of reasons. First of all, as a comic nerd, I can tell you Spider-Man and Superman have met, tussled, and collaborated on several occasions, so it's not that bizarre to think a Marvel hero could ever drop in on a DC hero. Second, if you're going to do a joke that isn't a joke, it would have made a lot more sense to have at least found more matching source materials, such as comic book art or a cell shaded Spider-Man. It still wouldn't have been funny then, so I guess my final piece of heartfelt advice is for you to go jump off a bridge.


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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