1. Fight the Republican Future

    Fight the Republican Future

    With elections just around the corner, we need to work harder than ever to keep Republicans from gaining ground. It's not enough to energize the Democratic base -- we need to reach out across the aisle to Americans of all walks of life and political beliefs.

  2. I Want to Believe in Change

    I Want to Believe in Change

    I spoke at length with James Hooch of Arkansas about the importance of this election. James is an unemployed moonshiner who has never voted. Although James was skeptical of my intentions at first, we found a lot of common ground discussing season three of the X-Files, and also reining in Wall Street.

  3. The Truth is Out There

    The Truth is Out There

    I've seen a lot of weird things in Washington over the past 40 years. At first I thought the weirdest thing was seeing how Newt Gingrich always takes his shirt off before he goes to the bathroom, even if he's just doing a number one. But in the past two years I've observed something even stranger: Progress, and lots of it.

  4. Believe Again

    Believe Again

    I had the great privilege of sitting behind the president during the address, and felt the power of his words. I admit, I was a bit distracted at times. If you saw me smiling early on, it's because I just couldn't stop thinking about that Jalapeno Smokehouse Bacon Burger they've got at Chili's. I've had my eye on that son of a gun all week.

  5. Trust No One

    Trust No One

    On behalf of myself and the entire Obama Administration, I want to offer my sincere apologies for the email sent from my address yesterday. That was not me writing those words, and I strongly condemn what they said.

  6. Wishing you luck

    Wishing you luck

    The President and I have a routine -- every Friday I find out from his staff where he is having lunch, then join him. Even after three years, he still gets surprised when I show up.

  7. Here's what I need you to know

    Here's what I need you to know

    I trust your discretion. I know the Obama Campaign has been asking a lot lately. Believe me, we wouldn't ask if the stakes weren't so high.

  8. This is the Moment of Truth

    This is the Moment of Truth

    It's not exaggeration when I say a moment of truth is fast approaching. An important journey that began some years ago is reaching a decisive point. I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I know one thing: I'm deeply optimistic.

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