Overview: The review of "Amnesiac" was written by Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen, who has never even listened to the album. He read a couple reviews on the Internet, changed a few of the most obvious facts to what would then seem like unresearched errors, and let the flames roll in. Although, to be honest, almost all of us here do hate Radiohead.

Current Number of Flames:135

This first gem comes from "The Radiohead Master," who obviously chose not to refer to himself as "The Coherency Master" because I'm still trying to figure out what 99% of his email was supposed to mean. However, I do understand the principle notion that I am, in fact, "a fag."

From: Tom Stevens
Subject: Oooooh you fucked up real bad now.

WHAT THE FUCK ??? are you like fucking 12 or a fucking fagot or something ???? i mean i know you fuck fagots so i dont even know why I bothered to ask. you obviously enjoy Butt Games With Daddy.

In case you are smart enough to wonder why I am FUCKING PISSED. its because of your STUPID review of Amnesiac, which is probably the best album ever made next to roger waters amused to death. dumb fuck. there are so many mistakes i cant even BEGIN to know where to start listing all the mistakes that you made because there are SOO fucking many to even begin listing. first off, aphex twin fucking sucks. have you seen his videos ? fucking child molesting anthems. which explains why you like them so much.

maybe you and whose army is directed at you because then the radiohead army comes for your fucking head on a stick you are gonna KNOW whose army is coming is we scream it loud enough. fucking blokers. thats an english term you probably wouldnt know, asshole. you understand that one ? of course you do. fag. and so what if tom does drugs and has clearly lied about it in the past. when i listen to radiohead i can automatically tell exactly which drugs he was on when he made the songs.

Pyramid song: the fine weed...
Push/Pull: Speed, obviously.
Like spinning plates: tough one, probably acid.

dont hate just cause you dont do drugs. its a FREE FUCKING country asshole and its a FREE FUCKING world too, so unless you want to take on the bad wave that i float upon, i'd suggest getting a gun. and the cover art is AMAZING. i guess you have no real concern with things like the enviroment and ice bergs melting. i didnt either until i really started listening to radiohead. so fucking STOP using the hairspray seriously man, of you are fucking dead in like 20 years.

but i've wasted enough fucking time on this bullshit review. if you can't understand good music then go listen to the fucking hampster dance or something and let your brain be taken away by mass marketed pop music. we wont miss you, fagot.

i will say this though, after reading this "review" again (its more like a preview cause you didnt even seem to listen to the album) the one thing you got right was the guitar work on pyramid song is fucking AWESOME. i dont know how he does that shit man, for real. you probably downloaded that song off napster... lol.... probably got the wrong songs for the other ones and thats wy your review sucks so bad.

well, see ya later fagots.

The Radiohead MASTER.

Next up we have a flame against me, the EDITOR, of Truth Media! Of all the callous insults, I can't believe he dared insult my journalistic integrity and claim that as an editor of a "proffesional" website, I would be "embarassed" by the poor "writting" of an article!

From: Andrew Stryker
Subject: Bad editor

I was looking through on somethingawful.com and I became extremely angry. The anger did not come from the fact that I am radiohead fan and one of my favorite albums was being trashed, but instead, I became angry because the person writting their article had so many of their facts wrong such as song names, meanings, and band origin. This is just sad to know that a proffesional website would allow this to be posted as a legitimate review. I'm just speaking my mind here. thank you and please don't let un-informed reviews pass through the editorial process. I know that it would embarass me quite a bit.


One of the most common and banal insults we get here at Something Awful is the boring "boy, your website SURE IS SOMETHING AWFUL!!!" Is that supposed to be some startling revelation or poisoned knife in our back? I mean, Jesus Christ, we named the site "Something Awful," of course we know it's something awful. This insult is like writing into CNN and complaining "boy, your website sure is a COMPLETE NEWS NETWORK!!! Ha ha! Burn!"

From: Bulletproof46@cs.com
Subject: take some medication... now

well, your site truly does live up to its name-it is in fact something awful, nothing but close-minded, ignorant, shallow, and mindless commentary that does nothing constructive, but only adds to the noise---how can you possibly sit at your computer and pump out non-sensical jibberish in offense to the art that is radiohead, just for the sake of offending them?--do you have no conscience--i dont know what was done to you as a child, but just because you need some attention gives you no excuse to criticize something as brilliant and sincere as the band while knowing absolutely nothing, or at least nothing relevant, about what you are talking about---if you wanna criticize them, fine, lots of people do--but please take some time to understand, or at least to try to understand, them first----ill be looking forward to the changes you are soon to make to that portion of your site---

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