This next guy was correct about one thing: "the hateful emails will come FLOODING IN." I don't know how the people who sent such emails were able to get access to a computer, but his prediction ended up being true because "Radiohead fans are die-hard." I assume he misspelled "braindead" as "die-hard."

From: Eric McLearon
Subject: what the @#$%!?

What in god's name is that radiohead amnesiac review? Radiohead fans are die-hard for a reason, and that reason is that the band is simply brilliant. Thus, I assure you that hateful emails will come FLOODING IN. That review is full of spelling and grammatical errors, anachronisms, and flat out lies. It seems as though the person who wrote the review simply knows that Radiohead are well loved by people who know good music, and thus are indimidated by them. Please grow up, and respect Radiohead for what they are: a beacon of hope in a world of absolute shite music.

Eric McLearon
Radiohead Fan

If you don't feel like reading the next flame mail, I don't blame you. I stopped reading it after the "i have to disagree" part.

From: Global Social Justice
Subject: radiohead - amnesiac review

i have to disagree with your review of radiohead's amnesiac album. how can you possibly expect anyone to take your article seriously when it is littered with mistakes? it really makes your opinions weak and irrelevant.

for a start, tom york is properly spelt as thom yorke. the album was not hastily thrown together, regardless of how rushed it may or may not sound; it was recorded at the same sessions that produced 'kid a', and the songs on amnesiac were selected not because they were weaker than kid a, but because they set a different mood.

the album image you have used is of Kid A and not Amnesiac.

"These Irish rockers better spend more time in the studio..." where did you find that they were irish? i think you're getting confused with U2... radiohead come from Oxford, which is a place just outside of London, famous for its exclusive university. Oxford is as english as english can get, and it's easy to find many traits of the english 'attitudes' and behaviour in certain readiohead songs.

i find it hard to find comparisons between milli vanilli (you spelt them 'manila vanilla') and what radiohead could become... milli vanilli lost any respect they had in music when they were exposed as a pre-packaged, manufactured, miming consumer product, with no vocal talent. whereas radiohead possess musical talent so rich and diverse it is hard to believe on occasions; their music may have come away from the mainstream over the last two albums, but i can safely say that even if thom and co. decided to make an album of peruvian folk songs, they would contain absolutely loads more inspired musical ideas and talent than any boyband could ever wish to produce.

when did thom yorke ever go into rehab? together with your 'excessive drink and drugs theory', you have produced ridiculous and largely false claims that would never reflect in the quality of musical output from the band.

it was also unlikely that thom yorke played guitar on songs such as 'pyramid song'... in fact, he was more likely to have played keyboards/piano on that song, leaving the guitar parts to the other guitar players. the song 'push/pull revolving doors' should be spelt 'pulk/pull revolving doors'.

you claim that thom yorke 'tried' to sing... he is a gifted singer, possessing a voice that is clear and distinctive; his tenderness and honesty on songs such as 'fake plastic trees' has been known to move people to tears. again, thom yorke could belt out a tune with more panache than any yelping boyband member ever contemplate.

your comments about drummer phil selway border on scandalous; to call him a 'no-talent leech' leaves me beyone words. he is a more than confident drummer, he easily copes with complex time signatures, and always manages to come up with a unique drum pattern that suits the song. i know the qualities that detirmines a good drummer, being a stick man myself.

phil selway was not responsible for designing the cover or any of the amnesiac sleeve art; this was done by thom yorke and an artistic friend by the name of stanley donwood. im sure you knew this really.

your point about unintelligible lyrics was flawed from the start due to a lack of research: the last line of the knives out clip you have quoted should be "They would have drowned you at birth" NOT "They would have drowned you at Perth". this is plain stupid, surely anybody with the odd brain cell would have guessed this line, even if it is slightly inaudible on the record. every radiohead lyric, including the slightly more bizarre recent efforts, have a meaning to it. they have just become harder to understand recently. your claim was unreasonable though.

"Hey, I understand Irish nationalism and all that (IRA), but keep your worldviews to yourself next time!" - once again, radiohead are not irish and have so far had very little to say on the northern ireland situation.

"pseudo-rapping" - amnesiac doesnt contain anything resembling rap on any of the songs by my reckoning.

"Some how, some way, Radiohead has managed to pump out another over-hyped, over-wordy album even more unlistenable than the disaster that was "OK Computer." This is what happens when success goes straight to your head and into your fingertips. Not surprisingly, one of the tracks is entitled "Dollars and Sense." Looks like somebody forgot their roots… "
Yet another disasterous paragraph. OK Computer was a truly remarkable piece of work, not worthy of words. to call it a disaster is beyond comprehension; its a well known fact that even non-believers in radiohead admire that particular record. it was the album of the 1990s in my opinion.

'Dollars and Sense' should read 'Dollars and Cents'. have you even seen/listened to this album?

yes, i agree that amnesiac is a disappointing album. but it is still perfectly listenable, a beautiful collection of amazing songs, full of ideas, inspiration and, beyond all that, TALENT. your article is an unbelievable disgrace, full of errors that any basic reviewer should be shot for making. i hope this brings to your attention the amount of b/s on your site.

tom nagle

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