Two legends face to face, both agreeing to speak only using quotes from their games. In this first installment of Legend On Legend, the greatest soldier-spy of all time gets real with the most iconic figure in gaming history.


Solid Snake: Why are you calling me brother? Who the hell are you?

Mario: It's a-me, Mario!

Solid Snake: What are you trying to say?

Mario: Here we go!

On How They Got Mario's Password

Solid Snake: How did they get your password?

Mario: Ah spaghetti... ah ravioli...

Solid Snake: You must be a real threat in the muktuk eating contest.

Mario: Oh, yeah! Mario time! Woo hoo!

Solid Snake: You wanna pull each other's ears?

Mario: Wahoo!


Solid Snake: What is it? Revenge?

Mario: Waaaaaaaaaah!

Solid Snake: People call mercenaries like us "Dogs of War." But you're different. You are a Wolf... You will die the proud wolf you are.

Mario: Thank you so nice! Meow meow!

Solid Snake: Are you telling me Naomi was working with the Pentagon?

Favorite Games

Solid Snake: Metal... Gear?

Mario: Super Mario Galaxy! Thank you so much for playing my game!

Solid Snake: Why should I be stupid enough to do that? I'm no patriot.

Mario: Hoo-Hah-Hoo! Ow! Wow! I'm-a tired...

Solid Snake: Am I going to die?

Mario: Bye bye!

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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