I would like to thank everyone for making The Weekend Web the premiere source of images of forum posts in 2004. I can only hope that you will stay along for the ride in 2005. So let's start this year off with a bang, shall we?


They say that basketball is the sport of kings. Affluent kings and queens would throw down on golden courts and bust mad moves all over the basket. But things have changed very much since then. Today basketball belongs to the streets, in the ghettos and parks of America. It has matured into the digital age and street "ballas" are throwing down on the internet. DIME is the number one street balling forum on the internet. You ready to throw down? Check yourself at the door. Word.

You know, this is what they said about Benjamin Franklin.

Who would win in a rap battle, this guy or a hurricane?

It would be funny if these were all actually 65-year-old women.

It's too bad you can't read Chinese "Shrimp", because you just missed out on the meaning of life.

If this guy is the 12th knight, I'd hate to see 1 through 11.

Is this some kind of imaginary world that these guys post about on the internet, or do they actually go outside and play basketball? I have a sinking suspicion that none of this ever actually happens and that these guys just sit around on these forums going, "WE GOTTA TAKE BACK THE STREETS MAN!!!"

I'm sure you would score more points if you didn't immediately do a backflip after getting the ball.

This event that he's talking about, I don't think that the people who were there even know what he's saying.


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