Remember this day folks. In thirty years you'll be asked, "Where were you the day that the January 16th, 2005 instalment of Weekend Web was posted?"

You'll be able to look at them in the eye and say, "I was sitting at the computer." Boards

What you are about to see is singlehandedly the funniest forum we have ever featured on Weekend Web. There is no doubt about it. This is quite possibly the highest point we may ever attain here at Weekend Web. It's all downhill after this. In fact, I'm considering abandoning this feature right here, right now in the hopes of ending on the highest note we can. Folks, you've never seen anything like this.

Presenting the greatest fucking forum in the history of mankind, the Boards. Sweet fucking Jesus, here we go.

The fact that there are more drawings like this disturbs me the most. If your obsession with a celebrity is so bad that you are drawing pictures of yourself with that celebrity, it's time to talk to a psychiatrist.

Yeah they would be like little Conan head shaped cornflakes and it would be like eating Conan O'Brien! Oh my God guys that's so awesome!

Enough with the cereal!

I recreated all of the characters from Law and Order in The Sims 2 and made them have babies with eachother and solve murders in their spare time.

At least we can rest easy at night knowing there are women out there that would open their legs for Conan O'Brien at a moment's notice.

Yeah, you've gotta be high to enjoy that show.

Maybe we should have a forum devoted to Conan O'Brien's cock.

Now this is getting hot.

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