Fantastic idea, this.

There is no way this guy's anywhere near average weight.

Help, I need new and exciting ways to separate myself from normal people.

Hulkamania still runs wild in my heart.

There may be some other factors standing in your way.

You'd be surprised at how much skill it takes to superimpose anime song lyrics over a picture of a lake.

That's all for this week. Thanks to my forum friends "Pretty in Pink" Volte, "Cyber Wizard" Ghaz, "Big Buddy" Bl1tz, "The Moody Muscle" wealllovehim, "Crank Ho" The_Onion, "Caveman Chef" Anarchist Duck!, "Blue Bottom" RoboBlaster and "Fun Buns" trampoline.

If you know of a horrible forum, please send me a link right now!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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