Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the dorky looking kid in Home Improvement. No, not that one. The other one. Actually, they were all dorky. He was also the talking tiger in the Lion King. Then he dropped off the face of the planet and for some reason there are a group of obese women on the Internet that obsess over him proving what I've been saying all my life, JTT mania will never die!

Somebody call the police. NOW.

My name Vladka. I love you Jonathan. Can you lift shirt a bit please?

Oh snap, I love stories about moving problems. This is going to be a good read.

I know where this is going. I've read enough Johnathan Taylor Thomas fan fiction to know that he rapes her in the next chapter.

Yep, he raped her. What a happy ending.

Hey Weekend Web contributors, don't censor their contact info. How will anyone tell them what a wonderful story they've crafted for the world to enjoy???

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