At first glance CatCollection resembles an educational site about cats. I wouldn't be surprised if the site got its fair share of traffic from kids, parents, and educators looking for information on animals. What they'll find instead is a zoophilia furry wasteland. While these guys are creepy as it is, I hope they don't have any access to real animals. The following images should explain why.

These links were satisfying for roughly two hours before the cat lovers got bored with them. There is no end in the quest for hot animal on animal action.

I like videos of Lions doing their business as much as anyone, but these guys jerk off to it. Not me, though. It's just good old fashioned wholesome entertainment.

In a world where dragon penises don't look as they should, one man is out to change the status quo. "DrathnotT" is, the Freedom Fighter, for animal penises.

What forum doesn't have an 8 page thread about a big elephant's cock these days?

I prefer the substantially less red human penises, thank you very much.

If one of these guys is with a chick and she goes, "Meow!" does that get him even more turned on or does he not even bother with women at this point?

In the world of cat fetishists, nobody posts in Eagle threads.

Nice web link. I LOL'ed! :)

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