Dogster is the place for Internet-savvy dogs to talk about the issues they really care about. Why are cats such bitches? How can I chew this bone in a way that'll make me choke to death? Why does dog hate broccoli? If you're a dog and you love to post, you'll love Dogster! Wait a second... dogs can't post... DOGS CAN'T POST?! Then who is doing all the posting?!

My dog never had a problem with anal sacs. I think he does it just because he's horny as hell all the time.

As a goon, I feel this dog's pain.

Damn Asian dogs and their DDR.

What if a dog actually posted this and had a discussion on the Internet? It really makes you think about what life truly means to you.

It's a sad story and all but you gotta remember that this woman is insane and she's posting as her dead dog.

I'm just trying to impress the other dogs at the dog park!

Dog loves Broadway.

In order to post as your dog you have to think about it long enough to guess that your dog may or may not enjoy being placed in a sweater.

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