As far as I can tell most of the message boards we've featured in past instalments of The Weekend Web have been generally comprised of Americans. Well today we go international to see what's cooking over in Europe. Feast your eyes on the CBBC Newsground, a board for kids to chat about, what else, really pointless bullshit!

Hello fellow websurfer! How are you doing this evening on the internet superhighway? I'm cruising the WWW for data!

I'm sure he appreciates those kind words.

The children are united in their admiration of this shitty movie.

I wish they would have shown Law and Order in English class. I think I would have actually learned something.

Why doesn't she just come out and say, "I want Johnny Dep to fuck my brains out." That's basically what all this means anyway.

I heard Bill Murray was pissed he didn't win an Oscar. He should be. Fucker deserved it, not for Lost in Translation, but Groundhog Day. That was a truly incredible film.

Anybody looking forward to seeing Rich Kyanka butt-naked in an update next week? I know I am. Stay tuned!

I didn't think I would find a more stupid demographic than American teenagers but here it is. I've been doing this for twenty-two years and I am still surprised at times.

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