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We've already talked about insane anime nuts to a great extent here at Something Awful, so I'll spare you the whole spiel. It's not that we hate people who enjoy anime, of course. It's just funny.

Let's get this trainwreck started shall we?

It makes me proud to be a member of a forum that bans for shit like this on sight.

You need help with more than just your shitty website. Try a therapist. They provide "helpage" for your crackpot brain.

It's the great God of "l33t"! Also known as God of Getting Beat Up at Shchool Daily.

Unfortunately this poem is not based on a true story. We can only dream.

I'm not sure about ninja hoodies but I have some very "l33t" instructions on how to get to the mental health clinic.

I don't know about any of that but I definately don't see any woman under 180 pounds in your future.

I think when you start eating only twice a week you should probably seek out a doctor, NOT ADVICE ON MEDITATION.

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