Why is this even an issue in your family? Are you so messed up in the head that whether or not you like Michael Jackson is a big enough deal that it makes you the black sheep of the family? Get a grip!

I feel the same way about people who don't like Something Awful. People who don't like this web site are NOT human!!! YOU MONSTERS!!!

Well, I would have thought this forum would have crashed under the weight of all the emoticons that are used. Jesus.

The fact is, nobody but Jackson and the kid he probably molested know the truth. You don't know the truth nor do I. I hate these goddamn douchebags who act like they actually know what happened on that Neverland Ranch. The guy is innocent until proven guilty, but he's probably going to be proven guilty.

Wah wah you persecuted shithead.

Oh boy, what could this be? Someone is selling Jacko Juice! The nerve of some people!

And off they go, the crusaders against injustice!

Michael Jackson wrote seven Simpsons episodes including the fan favorite Marge Vs. The Monorail.

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