Maybe everything was put on this planet for a purpose. Maybe there is rhyme and reason for every little event that happens to each one of us. Maybe someday we will finally crack the last of the great cosmic mysteries and understand it all. Maybe leather patches on the elbows of jackets will come back into style so I can wear this suit in public.


The hot new site that's taking entire high schools and community colleges by storm. With MySpace, it's now easier than ever to create new casual sex relationships with hormone-imbalanced social slugs!

First of all, eating is not a skill. Second of all, hahahahahaha!

Can you guess which one of these two just watched Fight Club for the first time?

WHOM ALERT Someone's trying to sound smarter than they really are!

I think I've discovered an "error in your logic" here, Jody. You're a 32 year old male on a hook-up site for college kids.

It's funny to me because I totally had a tasty burger once so I can relate.

Thank you, anime, for another category of nerds to abhor with every fiber of my being.

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