I've heard of Mario Party giving people blisters, but I think "Danny Phantom-Lover" gets his a little differently from most people.

Well if it isn't loverboy himself showin' his playboy face around town! Word on the street is he's a five star kid, you know.

Dad bought brown sugar Pop-Tarts even though "Simpsons_Luver" explicity asked for strawberry. A betrayal of the highest order.

"But moooooomm, I want to be the prettiest girl at schoooooooooool!"

"K-Star," I challenge you to a fanfiction battle!

Sitting hunched over a computer in the dead of night, face lit dimly by his monitor, TurboRomance82 felt his sweatpants getting itchy. It had been at least three days since his last shower -- or was it four? It didn't matter. He couldn't bathe or at least change clothes now even if he wanted to, he was that far in the zone. Such romantic imagery floated through his mind now that his fingers, resting gently on the home row, began trembling. They were dancing on a boat now, and her hair looked incredible in the breeze. Gyrating around the deck, embracing, their eyes locked. Her lips began to part almost like they were in slow motion. She was about to say something good. The author burped slightly, its profound meatball taste jerking him back to reality for a moment. As the world around him returned and he realized he wasn't on an ocean-faring pleasure craft with his imaginary lover, his wistful half-smile fell back to that familiar vague disgust for himself and what he'd become. He tugged at the bottom of his shirt causing at least 3 greasy crumbs to roll down over his bulbous belly, and he noticed he'd been drooling. If my progress keeps slowing, he thought, I might not make it to El Pollo Loco before they close.

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