This week's Weekend Web is a little on the short side but we make up for it in sheer horror. The next two pages feature the ever so charming Boylove Online Community! Here's a group of guys that make other pedo communities look like they're, uhm, pro-age of the consent! Don't feel bad though, as years of sitting at the computer and typing away their little boy fantasies have made them too fat and feeble to have the strength to rape a child. It's truly pathetic, folks. Here it is, the bottom rung of society.

Sorry buddy, but that shit poetry of yours isn't exactly wooing the little boys.

A counting game? Hey, whatever keeps them inside their mom's basement.

They all say they just want a non-sexual and loving relationship with a boy, until they try to have sex with them of course.

These are the moments that make being a worthless fucking pedophile worth it. Life is beautiful.

I'm going to go hang myself now.

Here is the poll to end all polls.

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