Here are some images that didn't warrant their own sections. They are from and VeganPorn. Oh, here's a neat idea. Try to guess which is which! Good luck!

That's really deep, man... Age: 14

Whatever helps you get over the fact that you're a worthless vegan fuck. Omnivores for life, bitch.

Be careful what you wish for on the Internet, because it might come true.... My precious posts...

Necrophilia? Nasty? You're gonna have to cite some sources on this one, buster.

Oh shit, a sheep got shaved. Alert the authorities.

Maybe those elephants and tigers wanted the shit beat out of them. Ever think of that, huh?!

Ugh, my mom. That bitch.

Everybody loves them. Not even Teddy Roosevelt was above a finely crafted Yo Momma joke.

Special thanks to pathetic little tramp, fedallah, 20ozMonkey, Dr. Balls, ThatsMyBoye, Hypnotic, miguel sanchez, PureEvil6_13, esc, The Goat Problem, Zisky, Blar Chube, Gimperial, jsoh, Chainsawdomy, Fentry, Hemogoblin!, softbomb, and Mr.Kips, who live each and every day as if they had thousands more.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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