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This holiday season saw Wiis sold out everywhere but some lucky kids got their parents to wait on line in the freezing cold for hours because their parents have no spines and can't say no to their precious little dependents. What do 13-year-olds do when they get their favorite toy for Christmas they've been wanting so badly? Why, post about it on the Internet of course!

I'm really mature for my age. *plays Wii*

To be honest I would rather be aroused by fat girls than video game girls. It just feels less pathetic to me.

Yeah, the Wii is so mainstream. It's not just a toy for kids!

Ah, so many young boys to choose from. Which one to lure to my house first?

I could see Mario Cricket happening one day.

I'm 14 so the idea of a Wii remote shoved up an asshole is humorous to me.

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