The Internet is a great place to go for advice whether you want to know how to install a hard drive or dissolve human remains in acid. You know, unimportant shit like that. But one thing I never understood is why people resort to the Internet for advice on how to raise children. Raising kids is something that comes with instinct and common sense. Unfortunately people that lack both of those things can still have kids with the help of web sites like and put them in their sig when they come out all stillborn.

I think everybody has figured out how ridiculous Scientology is by now, jesusfreak0791. I know you were looking forward to blowing the lid open on this whole thing and I'm sorry to rain on your parade.

You need a magnifying glass to read this post but the gist of it is that they are whining and complaining about judging and labeling people like Scientologists just because they are different. I'm so sick of tolerance. Whatever happened to the freedom to say that someone else's lifestyle was stupid as hell? You know, people rave about Buddhism but I think it's a bunch of horseshit and I stand by that!

MY STUPID RELIGION CAN BEAT UP YOUR STUPID RELIGION.Yeah yeah I'm sorry, these will get more readable as we go along.

Your IP address includes your name, age, phone number, and measurements.


Thank Christ for attractive chicks who like fat ugly guys. No really, thank you Jesus.

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