AK47World is an absolutely bonkers web site for a store that sells ammunition, parts and accessories for AK-47s. It looks like it was designed (in the loosest sense of the world) sometime in 1996, and is miraculously still being regularly maintained by its equally bonkers owner Dan King.

One of the first things on the homepage is a set of instructions for how to watch a Flash movie located on a different site about how the Brady Bill, which passed in 1993, will cause the next Holocaust. It also features rants about "the Kenyan" and random news articles/conspiracy theories about big government gun grabbers he copied and pasted from somewhere, like an e-mail forward he meant to send to his relatives but ended up on his website in a size 16 font by mistake, and nobody had the heart to tell him. Can you blame them?

Dan isn't a licensed arms dealer, so he can't actually sell AK-47s, which is a bit like owning a store called Candy World that doesn't sell candy. What he can offer you is his advice on rifles... if you can actually manage to navigate this incredibly wide page to read it.

Dan does not have the greatest reputation in the gun community, which largely appears to view him as a "nut job." This message board thread features a number of anecdotes about his irate personality and paranoid behavior. Dan's not one to take these scurrilous accusations sitting down, which brings us to one of the most amazing pages on the internet.

Now, just scroll. Don't stop to read anything specific, just keep scrolling and take it all in. Pause here and there to absorb a tasteless photoshop or an animated "u mad?" GIF. There's no pretense of Dan running a business here. It's just pure, unhinged ravings about Bill Clinton ("AMERICA's 1st RED PRESIDENT"; funded China, which funded Al-Qaeda), Obama (a secret Muslim who orchestrated the Boston bombings), and the "Board Fairies" who are spreading lies about him on various forums. It just keeps going on and on. It's like the collective id of the entire Internet, smashed together on one page.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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