Can faith and fetish co-exist? That is the theological query posed by Of God And Diapers, a blog "written for all Christians who have a diaper fixation."

It's run by "Baby Brian," a grown-up man who likes to wear diapers and make boom-boom in them. Nevertheless, he has taken it upon himself to preach the virtues of Christianity to his fellow diaper lovers: "God has called me to be a light to the Adult Babies of the world."

Baby Brian's journey to salvation is nothing short of inspiring. There were some real dark times in his life, until he discovered the light, as he recounts in this post:

See when I went crazy at the age of 10 I had tied my spirit in with diapers. Infantilism became my new religion. I would get comfort from diapers. I would get love from wearing them. I would get satisfaction from using them. My spirit would dwell upon diapers all of the time. Nowadays I don't think of diapers as being all important in my life. God has taken over where diapers once were. I became saved just 3 years ago and my life has changed forevermore.

If you're an Adult Baby suffering from the shame and stigma of having a weird fetish and searching for acceptance, Baby Brian has some solid advice for you. First of all, you must realize the hard truth that "infantilism is a disease that cannot be cured and must be maintained." Can't pray the Pampers away!

Second of all, you can't let the fetish control you; you must control the fetish:

Therefore if you wear diapers and masturbate in them because you have a love of sinning and you ARE CONTROLLED by them then you have another master besides God.

Third, take solace in the fact that diaper-wearing is not a sin. Not only does the Bible not make any specific mention of adult babies, but also Baby Brian - who's a software engineer, by the way - has disproved it with some airtight logic:

Jesus we all know is without sin. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling cloth and was a baby at one time. He soiled himself many times. Being a baby must not be sinful. Therefore the conclusion is that such things are not sinful.

Finally, do not despair. It's important to remember that you are not alone in your perversion. Commenter "steviesweet" brings up a great point:

Now I would never suggest Jesus was AB, but neither was he mainstream, didn't he walk on water?Then he had this feet fetish, not only wiping his friends' feet but on several occasions having a loose woman draping her hair on his feet and pouring oil on them.

It's just like that old proverb: "Kinkshame not, that ye be not kinkshamed."

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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