P-Town Juggalos, submitted by Jason. As we all know, nothing makes for a better website than a bunch of semi-literate, drunken Insane Clown Posse fans. It's a proven fact. That's why I had such high hopes when I went to check out the homepage of the P-Town Juggalos. These suburban badboys (and girls, who may well also be boys) rule Pottstown, PA with their love of beer and their hard-rockin' spelling errors. When I first logged onto this wonderful site, their gigantic picture obscured some of the text, keeping me from basking in the warmth of their Juggalo insight. I was initially worried that it was a problem with my computer, but I was able to breathe easy once again when I realized that it was just really shitty web design. My relief quickly turned to horror though, as I realized that these people are actually as stupid as they look, and they could possibly reproduce. The whole Juggalo crew has been sticking it to "the man" for years by getting really, really drunk and then going out and drinking. Oh, and they love wrestling too! Hardcore, mothafacko!

Well well well lucky for you you've stumbled upon the "official" wacktv ghetto ass webpage of the P-Town Juggalos! P-Town u ask? Yeah motha facko POTTSTOWN a wack ass town abut 35 minutes from Philly. This town is fuckin wack thats why were all alcholics! All there is to do is drink drink smoke watch wrestling bump out Psychopathic and drink a few more! This crew is made up of a select few. The P-Town Juggalos are Cyril " Twiztid Kegs", Jimmy "Bacon",Todd "Deans", Papa Dan ,Eric "Axl Foley" , Z "Hugs", my girl Jeanine "JJ", Mark "Maniac", Spanky, Jerry, Hassan "L", Josh "Tragedy", Wayne "Bones", Al "General B", Bob (Z's Bro), Juggalo Joe, Andy, Kevin, and Steven There are no drunker juggalos around see we dont give a fuck cans, kegs, 40s, 1/5ths we fuckin DRINK mothafacko. At a party we come together like Voltron and SLUG TILL WE DROP!! So if you see us at a show say what the fuck up you will know who we are because we will be crowded around some truck sluggin brews and gettin SHIT-TAY and fuckin chanting our asses off!! SO bring us over a case or 2 and well dispose of it for ya! While your here be sure to sign the guestbook, peep the message board, visit the links and VOTE FOR ME. Thanks for your time and im out! MCL, MTSKJL, J4E and keep that shit DARK CARNIVAL 4 LIFE. All haters and shittalkers can eat a fat fuckin bowl of dicks. Im out like what....

Woo! Juggalos 4 life! I'm a mothafacko! Nothing appeals to me more than the inane, unintelligible thug rantings of a bunch of lily-white suburban dough boys, except possibly lighting myself on fire and taking a gasoline bath. In fact, I'm going to go do that. While I'm gone, why not mosey on over to their guestbook and share some of your own pearls of mothafacking wisdom?

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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