Welcome to BondoFox!, submitted by Moof Kenubi. It's no secret that we here in majestic Something Awful headquarters, located beneath the equally if not slightly more majestic Mount Doom, love furries. We think their wacky antics and zany hijinx make for fantastic updates, and if we didn't personally fear they'd cover us with their own semen during the process, we would regularly feature interviews with a Furry of the Week. Think about it: these are people who ejaculate to drawings of humanoid-shaped animals. It's justified bestiality, and having sex with animals is pure comedy on any level you look at it. "BondoFox" takes the whole bestiality theme to an exciting new level, a level which combines humanoid-shaped barnyard animals with bondage gear. Isn't that what you've always wanted? I would imagine so!

Neither I, Kaisha, FurNation, nor the many talented artists and writers who appear here will assume any responsibility for anyone who is offended by art and stories of anthropomorphic lady animals who happen to be tied up and gagged, dressed or undressed.

The main focus will be skunk damsels in distress, but as a good webMaster I will not hold prejudice against lady bunnies, raccoons, felines, or any other species of female anthropomorph.

Isn't that nice of the webmaster? Although he's a skunk damsel himself, he doesn't hold any prejudice against other species of naked humanoid-shaped animals being injured in a HIGHLY SEXY fashion! This is why furries are cheerful, open-minded, intelligent individuals and the rest of us who think they're nuts are evil, close-minded, ignorant fools. If you ever want to become a better person, I recommend becoming attracted to nude animals and lusting for them at every chance. Then you'll finally break free of the chains of ignorance that enslave people like us at Something Awful and you'll be able to romp through the fields of freedom in a giant rabbit costume, furiously masturbating the entire time. Oh the price of freedom!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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