The Ultimate Christmas Site, submitted by Yours Truly. It is important to be using the Internets to get into the swings of the things for the Holiday and what is better way to do this then on Ultimate Christmas Computer Books? The answer is if there is better way I am not made to know of it! This site is so relaxing it almost crashed my bowser THREE TIMES! My computer machine was honking at me and making pretty music all the times though I will tell you that much. My favorite part of this site is hard to pick, but I am picking the Animated Tour pages!

Get a look at this fellow to go!!

Now in our sixth year! This is simply one of the BIGGEST Christmas sites on the net - over 1 million hits to date - thanks to all who visited our sponsors. This site has taken weeks to create and I hope you all enjoy your visit. Merry Christmas and please visit our sponsor below.

This is the happeningest spot on the computer planet! And look at that fellow go, yes sir he is filling the heart to the brim with good tiding. Oh, I am almost made to forget I am so relaxed by all of his antics and mirths that there is a guestbook on this pages for you to sign!!! Be sure to be leaving your best Holidays wishes from the hearts of Something Awesome Dot Cobs!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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